Why Husband And Wife Tell Lies To Each Other?

Why Husband And Wife Tell Lies To Each Other

Lying is not good for any relationship. Especially when it comes to the relationship between husband and wife, then this matter becomes even more sensitive. Speaking the truth to each other in marriage strengthens the foundation of their relationship the most. However, in some cases, lying is better for the relationship than the truth. What are these situations, let us know by consulting love problem specialist.

To avoid quarrel

The fault may not be yours, but a big quarrel can be avoided by lying. Actually, many times when the partner is under stress, he starts venting his anger even on small issues. In this situation, considering the situation, the husband or wife should stop the quarrel from escalating by saying ‘Sorry, yes it is my mistake’. When he calms down, then talk about the issue calmly, then he will surely realize that it was actually his fault. It will also remind them to keep their anger under control in the future.

With Friends And Relatives

Many times it happens that husband and wife do not like each other’s friends or relatives at all. He doesn’t even like to talk about them as he doesn’t get along with them. However, since they are special to the spouse and their company brings them happiness, it doesn’t hurt to give false compliments when their topic gets cropped up. Yes, it is necessary that you must make it clear from your partner that in whose company you are not more comfortable, so that when they go out with them, you are not pressured to move in together.

When partner tries something new

If the wife has made a new dish and you do not like it, then do not directly get involved in doing evil to her. Instead, praise them for trying a new dish. When talking about it later, talk very carefully about how the dish could have been made better by make your husband listen to you.

Similarly, if the wife or husband tries a new cloth, then do not reject it immediately. Instead, you can lie at the beginning by saying ‘These clothes look good, but if you wear that one, you will look even better.’ You can do the same in every situation, when the partner tries something new.

When the gift doesn’t come

By the way, while giving gifts to each other, husband and wife take special care of this thing that it should be something that the partner likes. But sometimes they bring such a gift, which you may not like. Instead of criticizing her in this situation, accept her happily. Give value to the feelings associated with it more than the gift, because in the end that is what matters.

To Protect Them From Getting Hurt Or Stressed

If there is such a thing or incident that could put your partner in heart or stress, then it is better to lie about it. In this lie also give a hint about the truth so that later the truth can be told to the partner. However, if you feel that the husband or wife will feel more hurt if you find out the truth later, then you should definitely tell the truth instead of the lie.

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