What mistakes couples make during beginning of marriage?


The first year after marriage remains the honeymoon phase. During this, both the partners are lost in each other’s love and they see everything perfect and there is a reason behind this too. When there is a new round of marriage, then there is not much trouble which starts appearing later.

The problems that they do not see at this time. They do not see anything apart from each other. This can prove to be very dangerous for many couples. You are surrounded by a false assurance and sense of security in your relationship during this period. You may not realize but during this time you need to fulfill some important roles and responsibilities and due to your inability to do so, you have to face problems later.

  1. You reduce your interactions with people outside marriage

There is a high possibility that both of you will spend the initial time after marriage with each other. Don’t do that. Remember that you have a social life too and giving it attention is equally important.

  1. You want your partner to make some changes

Now that you are married, it does not mean that your partner will change. You have to accept that the person you married is going to be like this in future.

  1. You Avoid Arguing

In the first year of marriage, you will avoid any kind of fight or argument. You do this so that you do not take any kind of tension in the first year of marriage and your honeymoon period does not get spoiled. But it is not right to do so. You have to bring enough courage in yourself to speak openly about the things that are not going well.

  1. You avoid taking on and carrying out household responsibilities

You have to play your part in keeping the house in order. You fulfill that role responsibly. Your household chores will not be completed on their own. For this both of you will have to try. You can consult our love problem specialist for eliminating problems.

  1. You Don’t Pay Attention to Your Feelings

You cannot ignore your feelings every time. No matter how difficult it is to express your feelings, you still have to express it. You have to talk openly with your partner. Do not try to hide anything from them, especially about your feelings.

  1. You Don’t Give Yourself Time

Both of you have now become husband and wife, it does not mean that your personal identity is over. You can still do the things that make you happy. You can continue your passion even after marriage.

7 You start thinking about baby too soon

You shouldn’t put pressure on yourself by thinking of expanding your family right away. Regarding marriage, you are advised to focus on yourself first. Prepare yourself as a couple before taking on extra responsibility to make husband listen to you.

  1. You Don’t Build Finance Together

It is team effort to account for the house. You cannot be lazy in this matter. You will have to show prudence and focus in accounting for expenses. Many marriages have ended on the basis of money only. You should work on it in the first year of marriage itself.

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