Make someone under your control by using Lal Kitab Remedies


Although there are many remedies in the Lal Kitab which are made to overcome many problems of the person, but the caption of captivating in the Lal Kitab is such a remedy which can prove to be harmful for the person as well. The plan of capturing the lal kitab should be used very thoughtfully and only when necessary.

Many times it happens that you are attracted to a woman and want her. But it is not necessary that you want someone and in return, they also want you. But you cannot even live without him and want to get it under any circumstances. This is very difficult if you want to see this to be true in general, but even then if you are in your luck then you get it, but sorcery is such a power using which you can get whatever you want. Can. So let us know the plan of capturing the Lal Kitab, which is made for you by consulting vashikaran specialist.

  1. In Purvaphalguni Nakshatra, you break a wood from a pomegranate tree and tie it in your right arm after giving incense. After doing this, everyone will be influenced by you.
  2. Peppertha, agar and saffron grind all three and put them on the forehead of the woman and under the feet.
  3. Make small incense by collecting all the ingredients like small cardamom, red sandalwood, vermilion, cornice, kakadasingi etc. Any woman you give incense in front of you will be subjugated. It is the best remedy to take someone under control.
  4. Lal kitab to get your love Totka Oon Kalim Krishnaya Nam: Chant this mantra 551 times daily. And start chanting this mantra only from the day of Friday. For this, you need seven betel leaves, vermilion, a little water. Continually you read this mantra for seven days on top of these seven betel leaves. On the following Friday, add a little water to a small vermilion. Then write the name of the person from that vermilion on a betel leaf.
  5. And throw that betel leaf from the top of your head in the direction of a clockwise needle 21 times and throw it away. Do this experiment for seven consecutive days. And on the eighth day, go in front of the person whom you want to subdue. You will get the desired result.

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