How to Solve the Problems of Live In Relationship?

live in relationship

Live in relationship is growing rapidly in today’s time. There was a time when people did not like to talk openly on such relations. But today people openly live in live in relationship and also make this thing known. While live in relationship has some advantages, it also has some disadvantages. That is, just like every coin has its negative and positive sides, something similar is also there in this relationship. Let us know the aspects of live in relation.

Benefits of live in relationship

  1. Couples living in a live-in relationship are less prone to cheating, infidelity and adultery.
  2. While staying in this relationship, you can also get tied in the bond of marriage.
  3. Both the partners fulfill their responsibilities without any pressure.
  4. There is also control of both society and law in this regard by consulting love problem specialist.
  5. This relationship would not have been too burdensome. In such a situation, both the partners are completely free personally.

Disadvantages of live in relationship

  1. There is freedom not to be bound in bondage, but they are not able to fully enjoy life, because there is a fear of developing a feeling of mistrust.
  2. The fear of being misled by either of the two remains high, as well as there is a fear of breaking the commitment. If you are facing issues in relationship then get lost love back.
  3. If your partner does not leave you, this kind of fear always remains in the mind, due to which situations of tension also arise.
  4. Problems also arise due to not understanding each other’s work style or culture.
  5. You cannot enjoy the happiness of family in live in relationship.
  6. In the beginning, you are attached to love and emotionally but gradually it starts decreasing due to which boredom starts.

Things to keep in mind during live in relationship

  • You should make an agreement with your partner.
  • You must take training to keep up with.
  • You should be aware of all your rights.
  • If your partner plays with your compulsion or your feelings, then you should have the ability and courage to stop him.
  • You should have complete trust in your partner and keep in mind that before taking any decision, you will have to fulfill that decision for the rest of your life.
  • If due to this relationship, if you have to be alone in the middle, then keep yourself strong for that, only then you will be able to live in a successful live-in relationship.

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